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ApC Dinucleotide

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    ApC Dinucleotide
  • ApC Dinucleotide
Cat No: 5-0710-175
Cloning And Expression - Oligonucleotides
Price is excluding VAT and does not include packaging neither shipping
: 1 mg
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Territorial Availability: Specific distribution network - Please contact Bertin Pharma Customer Service
Size: 1 mg
Shipping: room temp.
Stability: Store at RT; shelf life 6 months maximum after production
Formulation: powder
Custom Code: 3822000000
UNSPSC code: 12352200

IBA GmbH is dedicated to providing high quality product and service solutions for life science research in industry and academia. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from nucleic acid custom services to products and services for cloning, transfection, recombinant protein production and cell isolation. The combination of products and services allows IBA’s clients to choose either the proprietary products or, alternatively, the custom services, which are based on the same technologies, to get their research promoted.

IBA’s nucleic acid unit provides individual and flexible custom services of nucleic acid specialties, including dsRNA as well as modified and fluorescently labeled oligos.

The Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is ideally suited for purification of highly pure and bioactive protein. It is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification, detection and immobilization, and offers many advantages. For cloning and transfection IBA offers the “StarGate” cloning system and MATra, an efficient magnet assisted transfection technology using MagTag®.

MHC I Streptamers are available for isolation and staining of functional T cells. The complete detachability of the reagents leaves the cells indistinguishable from untreated cells. New Fab Streptamers allow the selection of eukaryotic cells which are characterized by specific surface markers. The complete reversibility of the reagents yields uncompromised, authentic cells for research, diagnostics and clinical use.

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