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Mouse anti-Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [synonym SAL (Souris Anti Lapin)]

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    Mouse anti-Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [synonym SAL (Souris Anti Lapin)]
  • Mouse anti-Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [synonym SAL (Souris Anti Lapin)]
Cat No: A02100
Polyclonal&monoclonal Antibody - Mouse Anti Rabbit Monoclonal Ab (Sal)
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: 1 mg
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Territorial Availability: Available worldwide directly through Bertin Pharma or your local distributor
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Size: 1 mg
Shipping: wet ice
Stability: Store at -20degrees; shelf life 1 year maximum after production
Custom Code: 3822000000
UNSPSC code: 12352203

SPI-Bio is a brand name of Bertin Pharma.
Bertin Pharma includes over 100 employees, chemists, biochemists, immunoanalysts, pharmacists and technicians.
Always at the forefront of innovation and after launching on the market products incorporating in their time innovative technologies (Acetylcholinesterase tracer for EIA), this brand offers a wide and unique range of assays for biomarker Immunoassays (SPI-Bio TM) thanks to a solid knowledge acquired during the last 25 years in developping over 100 biomarkers assays.

To better serve you, we aim to design our products and reagents to address your needs on the expected performance in terms of a possible range of use, but also on operational conditions of use & regulations.
Thanks to our production processes and quality controls, we provide you with products with compliance to specifications.
Our technical support & science teams are available to help you assess their relevance depending on your needs, to specify the conditions of application and their fields of use. Finally, our researchers are ready to provide you with the necessary support by going, if needed, in your laboratories to validate your operating conditions and to solve possible problems.


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